We believe passionately in only breeding health tested and excellent temperament dogs. Ruby and Tay’s parents are both DNA clear of CEA, TNS and CL. This means Ruby, Tay and their puppies are clear also. Ruby and Tay were CERF tested clear September 2014.

I also heard from Tay’s breeder recently that Tay’s parents have been DNA tested clear for the MDR1 gene and for Cobalamin Malabsorption (Imerslund-Grasbeck syndrome). They means that all Tay’s progeny are hereditary clear.

Ruby’s and Tay’s hips both tested Good and elbows Normal with the OFA

Further to a dog’s health, we do not believe it is in a bitch’s interest to have more than two litters in a lifetime. We prefer to place our puppies in experienced homes where an owner’s lifestyle includes extensive training and perhaps competitive events. However, we may consider an experienced, active pet home if we can be assured you are prepared and would welcome an active Border Collie.

Best of all we want our puppies to go to homes where they will learn to be well behaved, cherished members of a family.

We are very happy to speak with potential puppy owners at any time about the breed, health, temperament and pedigree of our Border Collies and welcome any questions.

Tay will be available for stud at a pre-arranged fee but only to health tested and approved bitches.

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