Agility has always been my passion or should I say obsession since I began in 1994? Since then I have been lucky enough to have had training with several of the best instructors in the United Kingdom and Canada.

It is a sport where a dog and handler must work as a team. The handler directs their dog off-leash using a mixture of voice, arm and body movements through an obstacle course of jumps, tunnels, weaves and contact equipment. In competition the handler walks the course beforehand but every course is different from the next. The ‘run’ then requires quick thinking by the handler and good control of their dog. Confidence and trust between handler and dog is very important to establish a good working partnership.

Many competitions (or trials) happen every year in Ontario and all over Canada. If you haven’t seen the sport before, you are very welcome to watch a training session at BorderGem; call or e-mail us for training times. But if you do come to watch please leave your dogs at home or (if not hot) in the car as new dogs around the ring can be so distracting to those working.

Our Agility Field (left side)

Our Agility Field (right side)

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