In 1994, I visited the Lake District in the United Kingdom and attended a sheep dog demonstration in Keswick. It was there I saw an advertisement for a year old Border Collie called Sweep.

I began agility training Sweep August 1994 and began competing July 1996. Sweep was not an easy dog to train as he had many confidence issues and we had to go very slowly with his training.

In January 1996 I was lucky enough to be given Wiggy a beautiful six month Border Collie who had the work ethic to die for. My involvement in agility by then was complete but I still wanted to try other disciplines as Wiggy was a natural at everything she tried. At flyball she was running in just over four seconds and in obedience she naturally gave me full focus and attention; she was the dog of a lifetime. Hence, we competed with the British Flyball Association 1997 to 1999 and continued competing in UK obedience and agility with much success right up until I came to Canada in August 2007.

Wiggy has been followed by Echo, Grace, Ruby and Tay and Ruby and Tay's pups Drummer, Tinsel and now in 2015 Piper. Misty or Starside Hushabye Mountain joined our family in May 2014 and now her and Piper are best buddys. Tinsel and Drummer are not too left out however, as they love to join in the play too.

AGILITY: Wiggy, Echo and Grace competed both in UK and Canada agility trials with Echo qualifying for the AAC nationals several times. Grace who is 12 years old in March 2017 has now retired so I am competing now with Tay and his son Drummer. Tay really excelled in 2016 and with the great training methods I am now following with both dogs I have high hopes for the 2017 season.

OBEDIENCE: Ruby is now competing at Open level in CKC obedience and Misty has achieved qualifiers at Pre Novice level. Again I am looking forward to the 2017 season.

CONFROMATION: Misty achieved her Grand Championship at Sudbury March 2017. Piper has gained 8 points including his two point major so is well on the way to this Canadian Championship.

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