Grace born 2005

Registered with The Kennel Club as Wynmallen Kafia Moon, Grace is also registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.

In UK conformation, one of our proudest moments was when Grace qualified for Crufts 2006. Qualifying in itself is a great achievement and I will always be grateful to Doreen & Brian Batten for breeding such an amazing girl.

Grace is 13 years in March 2017 so she is retired from competition. However, she loves agility so much we sometimes let her strut her stuff at demos keeping the bars very low. She is always super excited to show how much she knows.

Ruby born April 13th 2009

Registered with the Kennel Club as Jackscrofter MyGem and bred by Chris Green in the UK. Ruby is registered with the CKC and AKC and achieved Canadian Championship at the Sault Ste Marie Show Spring 2011.

Ruby is competing in CKC obedience at Open Level in 2017 and we have high hopes for the season.

Tay born March 10th 2010

Registered with The Kennel Club as Syanne Chimera Edition and bred by Ann Durie in Scotland, United Kingdom. Tay is also registered with the Canadian and American Kennel Clubs.

Tay came to Canada in 2010 and sired two wonderful litters with Ruby. 2016 was a fantastic year for Tay. We did not compete in agility as much as I would have liked but when we did he excelled. I am very proud of my big, fluffy Scots boy.

Poppy born 2011

Poppy is our rescue, a labrador x and a blonde! We first saw Poppy at my sister's house in October 2011; my sister helps run a rescue and had collected her from the local dog pound. We immediately fell in love with Poppy's soft eyes and the big grin she always seems to have on her face.

My sister still likes to sing the Sesame Street song when she visits our house, "one of these things is not like the others!"

From our Christmas litter born December 24th 2014 - Drummer and Tinsel:


Bred from Ruby and Tay, Drummer registered as BorderGem Little Drummer Boy is one boy that we kept from our 2012 litter. Drummer achieved CKC Champion status in September 2015 and continues to compete and show great promise in agility trials. We have high hopes for Drummer's agility future.


Brother to Drummer from our 2012 liiter; Tinsel is registered as BorderGem Star of the Season. He is quite the comedian and a special character all of his own. He continues to enjoy life at BorderGem and play within our doggy family.

Misty born 2nd March 2014

Registered as Starside Hushabye Mountain, Misty gained her CKC Champion status in 2015 and her Grand Championship at Sudbury March 2017. In obedience Misty achieved two Pre-Novice qualifiers in CKC obedience in 2016 and we hope for further results this year.

Piper born 19th March 2015

Piper from Ruby's and Tay's second litter is the newest addition to our doggy family. Piper has achieved points and a two point major towards his Canadian Championship in 2017. I plan to start Piper's agility training this season. He and Misty are best buddies.

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