Grace 13th April 2005 – October 4th 2018

Gracie joined the rest of the gang at the rainbow bridge on October 4th 2018. She was such a character and loved to make herself known by barking at the vacuum, telephone, skype, hairdryer and almost anything that required noise. The house is a much quieter place without her but she went far too early and she was and is loved and missed greatly.

Bred by Doreen Batten as Wynmallen Kafia Moon it’s hard to believe writing this that you are gone.

Gracie- Lou you were the bees knees in weaving so much so that you would get a standing ovation at demos. We never achieved a start line wait because you were just too eager to start!! You were an incredible girl and are in our memories forever.

Echo October 20th 1999 – 10th April 2014

It is with great sadness that we lost our beloved boy Echo or ‘Mossyfern Shadow in Silver’ on April 10th, 2014. Bred by Julia Dickenson, Echo was 100% English breeding and nephew to Wiggy. Echo named after Wiggy’s Dam, Dot or ‘Hawksmere Echo’. I will always be indebted to Julia for breeding such a super boy.

Echo retired from agility in 2012 but he achieved many places in agility in the UK and Canada. Echo achieved Masters Level in AAC agility and qualified for the AAC Nationals several times

Millie 23rd May 1998 to 28th March 2013

Bred by Di Greaves and registered with the Kennel Club as ‘Loves Young Dream’. Millie had an enthusiasm for life and food that was like no other. She adored agility but unfortunately an accident retired her very early. We like to think of her now fit, well and young again playing at Rainbow Bridge with Sweep, Wiggy and now Echo. We hope she is having fun doing agility, clearing jumps and weaving at top speed like she used to. We miss you Millie.

Wiggy 1996-November 26th 2010

Bred by Julia Dickenson and registered with The Kennel Club as Mossyfern Silver Lining, Wiggy was very special. She always gave 100% and we made a great team. I LOVED working Wiggy and we achieved much in competition:

  • 1st Place in Starters Agility in 2000 (241 dogs in class)
  • 3rd Place Starters Jumpers 2000 (160 dogs in class)
  • 2nd Place Novice Agility SupaDogs 2000
  • 17th Place overall in The Dogs In Needs Novice Final 2001 plus many more places both in Starters and Novice in the UK.
  • In U.K Kennel Club obedience Wiggy’s best place was 3rd in Beginners July 2007 but she was placed many other times in competition obedience.
  • Wiggy also competed in agility as a veteran in Canada until she was 13 years old.

Sweep 1993-June 2009

Dual registered with the ISDS and The Kennel Club as Sweep Willow. Sweep was a year old and came to us with confidence issues which needed to be resolved. He was a gentle soul and positive re-enforcement training worked so well with him in gaining the confidence he needed. After a slow start he grew to love agility and we achieved many places in UK competition.

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